Attitude: I hate Anti-virus.
I started using computers in 1996. At that time, it was just a video game for me. By 1999, I started looking at a bit seriously. My father was system administrator at that time. He was having Norton Antivirus on the system. System was P1 (Don’t laugh; it was latest & best at that time) but very slow. By 2002, I was in Bhilai, doing my engineering and got a personal computer. I become the system administrator for my personal computer. My father got Norton Antivirus installed on it. My system was very slow so I searched internet finding the reasons. Somewhere I read Antivirus is the biggest virus of computers. I started hating antivirus. I uninstalled Norton from my system. My system was not connected to the internet so there was no threat for the system. So everything was fine. Attitude of hating antivirus got powerful in my subconscious mind.