Few days ago, I got a mail from my elder brother, who is working as PM in a reputed multinational. That was exceptional guidelines for any fresher/IT/Non IT person to learn about different options available in IT field and choose a career which matches their ability.

I though that worth publishing for every one. Here is the mail


Hello All,

Hope all good at our end. Everyone from IT or non IT wants to learn computer and see it as a career. Poor fellow like me having no option but to stick to IT but other who don’t have IT background(BE-Computer,IT,…etc, BSc-IT, B.Sc.-Computer Sciences are confused what to do/choose.

So finally my advise to all of those who wants to join IT field, based upon your skills, talents you have to choose any of the stream below.


1.       PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT/ ANTI HACKING COMPANIES/ GAMING COMPANIES : to work in these companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Facebook, …. Many other renowned ones ONLY AND ONLY IF You have best BEST PROGRAMMING LOGIC to make programs which others can’t think of and you are sort of genius amongst your friends/relatives/Classmates…that you can easily identify.

You can think of becoming Architect also by understanding various architectures. THOSE WHO HAVE EXCELLENT LOGIC And PASSION FOR PROGRAMMING ONLY THEY SHOULD TARGET IT.

2.       Areas which need Programming Skills (Java, .net, Oracle, , SAP-ABAP, PEOPLESOFT, CRM…etc) NEED GOOD PROGRAMMING SKILLS & LOGIC, Check your Logic before getting into this, if you have good logic to make programs then only go into it. OTHERWISE not.In case of SAP-ABAP there is relatively lesser programming skills would be required.

NOT a 9-6 job as per job demand you have to take a call.

3.       Administration Skills (Oracle DBA, IBM Message Broker, Middleware such as (MQ Series, Tibco Tivoli, Message Broker) MCSE, … SAP – BASIS Admin, Windows, Unix, Linux admin,) – Lesser programming or no programming skills/logic needed so no worries but you have to go for a course.

Also SHAREPOINT Server is a MS Technology for document sharing A Very hot cake in marker nowadays but it needs .net background would help.

An average/good communication skills is required, it is shiftwise but sometimes problem comes then it may be odd hours also. You job is to make sure system is UP and running fine without any problem. Its like Fire fighters, if no fire then no problem if there is fire then you are on the job till fire is completely put off.

4.  Another area which I missed out to include was … ETL / DW areas – ETL stands for Extraction, Transformation, Loading and DW is datawarehousing. And popular tools are Informatica, Datastage, Ab Initio, Tera Data,

An average communication skills is required, it is not a 9-6 job.

5. SAP-Platofrm Functional skills such as Sales & Destribution(SD), Materials Management(MM), Production Planning(PP), Project Management(PM), Project Systyem(PS), Qquality Management(QM),….etc (Search on the net about SAP Functional modules you would come to know) or ORALC EBASE it is also an ERP, Datawarehousing TOOLS (Informatica,SAS, BO, AB INITIO, …etc), PEOPLESOFT,…etc – FOR THAT YOU have to undergo a short term training to get into this field. The course cost if from 10K, 20k, 25k, 30k to 3.75L. 3.75Lakh is conducted by GENOVATE AND SIEMENS in MUM/DEL/BLR/HYD/CHN in India followed by certification, they have placement agencies registered with them. Always remember Nov,Dec,Jan,Feb are bad months for IT and every company almost freezes their recritment and new projects.

ORACLE also has its ERP, EBASE that is also very promising and Oracle is giving tough competition to SAP for various Oracle Modules.


An average communication skills is required, it is NEVER A 9-6 job.


6.       Testing Area : No logic required. A short term training course in testing can make your eligible for Testing area. A small training of 10-20K for a month would be enough to get into this area, job will always there however you can’t expect a very excellent job, An AVERAGE communication skills is required, it is GENERALLY 9-6 job.

7.       Quality Area (Here you can use your knowledge of Six Sigma, Quality Document, BCP, DRP, you can google on it from net) – No programming skills required except good MS OFFICE( WORD, EXCEL,PPT) You can learn this from the google. An average communication skills is required, it is 9-6 job.


8.       Functional experience for the role of Business Analyst (BA) such as Insurance Experience, Banking experience, Marketting/Selling experience, Retail experience, Industry specific(Retail, Insurance,…etc) An good communication skills is required, it is GENERALLY 9-6 job.


9. Core Companies, like for engineer in the specific branch there are courses like for Good electronics engineer there is VLSI course designed by CDAC which has good recognition too in the market, then comes CAD/CAM Courses which suits to Mechanical/Electrical/Civil engineers. These are safe options lesser people to compete, but at the same time lesser jobs in the market. Any BA,MA, B. Music can’t get into this area.

Confidence and good communication skill, Presentation and mail Drafting skills and mastering the MS office (WORD, POWER POINT, EXCEL), Data Analysis creating various graphs with data, knowledge of Microsoft Project plan can always have great advantage so in parallel keep working on it.

In training institute, there would not be best guys and also remember best guys are not necessarily best teacher too. So its all your efforts which will push you high in life.

Be HONEST to yourself, there is always advantage to be honest to yourself in identifying your capabilities, skills and then take a decision.  After all it is your career…

Having mentioned all the above, there is always job if you are good communicator with good drafting skills in any company. So please keep working on those skills irrespective of anything throughout life.

Let me know if you need any clarification/further info before getting into IT as per your capability, interest.

Everyone can’t become BILL GATES, STEVE JOBS(Apple), Larry Ellison(Oracle), James Gosling(Java).  Even hard work can’t take you to that level you must be passionate for it.

But for sure YOU can become another Mark Zukerburg (Facebook), Larry Page(google),Subeer Bhatia(Hotmail), Mohit Dubey(carwale.com) by applying your learned knowledge to THINK OUT OF THE BOX and NEED of the generation ahead.

So be ready…