Reading, reading and reading…..


One of the common questions that a developer have, how to upgrade next technical level? Well everyone have their own ways but one common thing that includes in nearly every answer, upgrade yourself.


How do we upgrade ourself? Simple way is to read as much as possible. Follow some good programmer/speaker and read what they say. Still reading take some time and many of us complain we are out of time, are we really? How much time do you waste while waiting in queues, for a meeting, ready to go out but waiting for family/team to get ready. There are lot of example when we wait 10-15 minutes, utilize that time to read?


To utilize that time, I generally collect contents on my mobile/tablet using different tools like pocket, flip board etc. Recently I started collecting them as PHP Reboot monthly magazine on flip board. Install flipboard on your android/Iphone/kindle and subscribe the magazine, which contains many important blog for current month and (planned to) publish monthly. Here is October issue.

PHP Reboot October 2014 Magazine

PHP Reboot October 2014

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