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Comparison of Free Antivirus


Attitude: I hate Anti-virus.
I started using computers in 1996. At that time, it was just a video game for me. By 1999, I started looking at a bit seriously. My father was system administrator at that time. He was having Norton Antivirus on the system. System was P1 (Don’t laugh; it was latest & best at that time) but very slow. By 2002, I was in Bhilai, doing my engineering and got a personal computer. I become the system administrator for my personal computer. My father got Norton Antivirus installed on it. My system was very slow so I searched internet finding the reasons. Somewhere I read Antivirus is the biggest virus of computers. I started hating antivirus. I uninstalled Norton from my system. My system was not connected to the internet so there was no threat for the system. So everything was fine. Attitude of hating antivirus got powerful in my subconscious mind.




In an era of stiff competition, success can only be achieved if one makes the right kind of endeavour  at the right time and in the right direction.

The Following are the seven mantras for success :

1. Communication Skills – Most of what goes on as business in an organisation is, in fact, communication. Anything that is not communication is probably dependent on something to initiate communication or keep it going. This is why one needs to master the art of communication both verbal as well as written.

2. Influencing Abilities – This is more of a leadership trait. It includes persuading and negotiating skills. Persuasion means convincing and encouraging people to do, as against being pushy and aggressive. It is a very powerful tool, especially in conflicting situations both in your professional as well as personal life.

3. Managing Skills – In layman’s words this term means getting things done. But from the career perspective it means managing things, people and of course, managing yourself, that is , your time, resources and money. To be able to achieve success one needs to prepare and train himself/ herself in the art of effective management.

4. Problem Solving – It means knowing how to recognize and define problems, implement solutions and track and evaluate results. Effective problem solving skills will help to become the backbone of any team, which in turn will help in career prospects.

5. Creative Thinking – It is said that intelligence is central to both the right and left modes of the brain. But the majority of people give more importance only to the logical approach in problem solving. What is really required is a blend of logical and lateral thinking processes together to generate new ideas and solutions, seeing things in the ’round’ and having an open mind.

6. Social Skills – It means one’s ability to relate to people, having insights, helping others and facilitating. Interdependence today is of greater value than independence. Thus it becomes that much more important for you to take a genuine interest in people with whom you work and spent time, emotion and money on them.

7. Managing Money- If in spite of possessing all the above mentioned skills you fail to achieve success it may be because you are poor in the number game ! You must have your figures, statistics and accounts in place. You must be shrewd in  the money matters. As an old saying goes, ” Money begets Money”

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